SummitLite Rifle

In 1998, we formally introduced our Summit Rifles, designed to be not only lightweight, but accurate and functional. The basic features of the Summit Rifles were developed from our own experiences in hunting sheep and goats in some of the roughest terrain on Earth and with the input from dedicated mountain hunters all over the world.

Now, with another 3 years of refining and testing, more hunts, and new CNC machine tools, we’ve introduced the next generation of ultimate light rifles.

We start with a Remington or Winchester action which is thoroughly checked and fitted for proper functioning. To reduce weight the action and bolt are precision lightened by the removal of excess metal in non-critical areas. The action and bolt are squared, trued, and lapped.

In order to ensure accuracy and durability, we pay careful attention to the barrel. We don’t use thin pencil barrels that are whinny and cause point of impact to change. While modern composites may suit the needs of some, we prefer and use a carefully chambered premium match grade barrel made of solid steel that we precision flute to reduce weight and aid accuracy.

Fluting a barrel has several key advantages- Our barrels weigh an average of 10% less than a non-fluted barrel, the flutes provide 120% more surface area for faster cooling to reduce walking groups, and fluting substantially increases barrel rigidity to eliminate inconsistent groups.

After fluting, the barrel is cryogenically processed to relieve barrel stress and smooth out microscopic flaws and imperfections in the bore.

The finished barrel, bolt, and action are carefully mated, smoothed, and polished. A Timney trigger is installed and set at a crisp 3.5 pounds. A custom ultra-lightweight Kevlar Stock is bedded and fitted to the rifle. A premium recoil pad and our proprietary Alaska Magnum Muzzle Brake tames recoil.

After all this, you have a rifle that weighs as little as 5.5 pounds in short action calibers! With the SummitLite, that trophy sheep at 6,500 feet isn’t that far away anymore!

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  • Remington or Winchester Action
  • Premium Match Barrel, Fluted and Cryogenically Processed
  • Barrel Cut and Match Crowned, 18-26 inches
  • Action machined for ultra lightweight
  • Bolt machined for ultra lightweight
  • Action and Bolt squared, trued and lapped
  • WWG Alaska Magnum Muzzle Brake
  • Custom ultra light Kevlar Stock
  • Pachmayr Decelerator pad
  • Timney Trigger
  • Three engraved initials on floor plate
  • Test fired
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