Please read these frequently asked questions prior to sending us an email.

Feel free to contact us if your questions have not been answered, or if you would like additional information.

How much is…

The prices for our CoPilot and Guide rifles are located on our custom gun pages. For work other than packages, please visit our services and rates page where you can pick and choose the custom work you wish to do. For pistolsmithing questions, please either fill out our contact form or call.

How do I order?

Please either fill out our contact form or call.

How long does it take to do…?

Any time period we may quote you on the phone is nothing more than an estimate. Our rifles and handguns are primarily hand built and we insist on a quality product. This means, of course, that building a firearm takes a great deal of time. In addition, our products are in high demand, and we have numerous orders. We ALWAYS contact you IMMEDIATELY upon your project being finished and ready to ship. Calling us and asking about the status of your order only slows up the process!

How do I ship my rifle or handgun to you?

You can use UPS, FedEx or insured Priority Mail for rifles. Handguns may only be shipped by UPS or FedEx. Do not ship handguns by mail! All firearms must be unloaded. Do not send slings or cases or other accessories. We repeat, DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS, ESPECIALLY CASES. Shipping is expensive, keep the weight down. You do not need to use an FFL holder to ship your personally owned rifle to us! For more details visit our shipping information page.

How do you ship my rifle or handgun to me?

We use Priority Mail or FedEx. The cost varies depending on the weight, size and value. Shipping charges are set at the time your firearm is ready to ship.

Do you make extended magazine tubes?

We do not make them. We do do conversions on firearms with extended magazines.

Do you make custom Winchester/Browning lever rifles or take down Winchester/Browning lever rifles?

We are able to make takedown Winchester 1895s and 1886s. We can also do two barrel sets on Browning BLRs. Please contact us for details.

Do you make lever guns in 454 Casull or 480 Ruger? Hey how about the 50 S&W?

Currently we do not make rifles in these calibers. Check back for more updates.

Do you do the .457 magnum or .50 Alaskan in Winchester or Browning lever rifles or on the Marlin Cowboy?

We do 457 conversions on the 1895 Cowboy, but do not do 50 Alaskans on the Cowboy, l not any octagon barrel. We can do 457 magnums on 1886 Winchesters and Winchester Model 71s. Please contact us for details.

Can you make me a Marlin rifle in .450 Alaskan, or .510 Kodiak or .458 Bigenboomer?

At the present time, our lever guns are available in .457WWG/.45/70 caliber. We are evaluating certain other calibers, and if we decide to do them, we will post details on our site.

Do you live in Igloos? Is it cold there? Is there a shortage of women?

Only in the winter, and yes it is cold. And its dark too. There are lots of fine ladies up here and most of them are armed. Now you know why why we have a place in Las Vegas.

Can you keep the magazine tubes of your take down guns loaded while the rifle is apart?


Can you shoot the 45/70 in your 457 Magnum guns?

Yes. You can also fire a 2½” .410 shotshell.

Does the .457 conversion or the take down conversion affect accuracy?

Absolutely not. Neither conversion affects accuracy.

Do you make Big Loop levers to fit both the 1895 and the 1895G?


Do you make levers to fit the 1895GS (stainless)?


How about levers for the 1895 Cowboy and 1895M?


Do you make levers to fit the .444 or OTHER Marlin rifles?

We have levers for the .444, 336 and 1894 Rifles.

Can you use the Scout Scope with your Ghost Ring installed?


Do you sell stock blanks? Which rifles do they fit? Can I install them myself?

We sell stock blanks for the 1895 Marlins (all models) and the .444s. They are unfinshed blanks. You can fit them yourself. You need to have familiarity with fitting an unfinished stock blank as it is very labor intensive.

Is loaded ammunition available for the .457 Magnum? How about for the .50 Alaskan?

Yes, both cartridges are loaded in properly headstamped brass. You can contact us to order.

What kind of warranty do you have on parts?

If you do not like them, send them back. No problem

Which Marlin Rifles do your Trigger Happy kits fit?

Any modern Marlin centerfire rifle, including all 1895s, 444, 336, 94s, 30s and LTD editions and Cowboys.

Can you build short barreled (Class 3 Rifles)? Do you do Class 3 gunsmithing?

Yes. Please have your local Class 3 Dealer contact us for further information.

What time is it there?

If you are calling from anywhere in the US, its earlier. If we don’t answer the phone at 9 am your time, its because we are still sleeping.

I live in a foreign country. Can I order a rifle or parts from you?

Yes, you can however due to United States export laws and regulations, we are required to used a registered export service. Please see our contact page.

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