Jerimy West

Jerimy C. West is the eldest of the three West boys. Growing up, Jerimy worked in his father’s shop where he learned from an early age to appreciate the fine mechanics of how firearms function. Jerimy also grew up watching his Father and Stepmother compete in the competitive shooting arena where he soon developed an interest and competes today. Jerimy is also an avid Outdoorsman, Hunter and Fisherman inspired by his Father’s and his Grandfather’s love of the outdoors. Some of Jerimy’s favorite places to be are in a quiet tree stand overlooking a field or slipping into a hot fishing spot in the very early morning hours. This love for hunting, fishing, and competitive shooting helped led Jerimy back into the family business.

Immediately after high school Jerimy joined the Utah Army National Guard and worked construction while he went to school attending the College of Eastern Utah. Jerimy then began his tenure with the Utah Department of Corrections where he worked for 15 years serving in the Training department as an arrest and control tactics instructor for 8 of those 15 years. It was there that he knew he wanted to rejoin his father to help expand the Family business he had worked so many years to build. In 2011 Jerimy and his wife KC decided to uproot their family from the quiet town in Utah and begin a new adventure in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where he is the manager of the Wild West Guns, Las Vegas location. Jerimy’s love for the outdoors is only overshadowed by his love for his family and insuring he pass’s along the legacy and skills his grandfather and father have handed to him. Jerimy has five children: McKenzie, Morgan, Jorden, Jeriden and Journey.

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