Machine shopAlong with our custom rifle packages, we offer a wide array of custom rifle services. From rebarreling to action lightening, our experienced gunsmiths and machinists can build you the rifle you want. From Alaska to Africa, hunters and shooters know that our services are synonymous with QUALITY.

Want to lighten up that Weatherby or Ruger? Put a Kevlar Stock on a Winchester or a Marlin? Make your Marlin a take down? Build a custom Sako? Tune up your big game rifle? Build a .458 Lott Carbine or a 450 A-Square Short? A super light long range hunter in a Lazzeroni cartridge?

These are the type of projects that we do every day.

Here’s a partial list of our Custom Shop services.
If you don’t see what you want here, Contact Us. We look forward to working on your custom project!

The modifications we do to make our CoPilots and Guides are highlighted.


Hourly Gunsmithing Rate $125.00
Machine Shop Hourly Rate $180.00
Minimum Charge per Gun $50.00
Clean, Oil, Safety Check $60.00
Sight in Rifle (ammo not included) $100.00


Remove Bore Obstruction POR
Stuck Case Removal $60.00
Remove Barrel Fouling (Minimum) $60.00
Check Headspace $60.00
Chamber Casting $60.00
Polish Chamber $80.00
Hand Lap Barrel $125.00
Cut and Crown Barrel (does not include remounting sights or refinishing) $125.00
Barrel Fluting – 6 Flutes (may require refinishing) $450.00
Thread Barrel $125.00
Install add on Muzzle Brake $275.00
Machine Integral Muzzle Brake (3 port) $250.00
Machine Integral Muzzle Brake (2 port) $250.00
Rechambering Original Barrel $175.00
Cryogenic Processing $200.00
Install Factory Barrel $200.00
Fit and Chamber Custom Barrel to Action $300.00
Recoil Control Porting $200.00
Install Barrel Band Swivel $125.00 and up
Fit Sight Slot Blank $80.00
Install and Fit Quarter Rib $250.00 and up


Lap in Bolt Lugs $125.00
Square Bolt Face and True Action $200.00
Action and Bolt Lightening $350.00
Open Bolt Face $200.00
Open and Lengthen Ejection Port $250.00
Open Feed Rails $150.00
Weld on Bolt Handle $200.00
Bend Bolt Handle $150.00
Installing Safeties
           Three Position $190.00
             Buehler Type $100.00
             Factory $100.00
Trigger Job (most long guns) $120.00
Install, set and adjust Shilen, Timney, Canjar or Jewell Trigger $110.00
Install set and adjust Double or Single Set Trigger $250.00
Jewel Bolt and Follower $250.00
Firing Pin Protrusion Check $50.00
Install Sako Type extractor (with double ejectors) on Remington Bolt $200.00
Fit Factory Extractors $75.00
Fit Ejectors $75.00
Replace and Tune Magazine Springs $50.00
Custom Magazine Boxes POR
Fit Detachable Mag Box Assembly $150.00
Modify Marlin 1895 series to .457 WWG Magnum
(Includes Bear Proof Ejector)
Modify Marlin 1895 series to .50 Alaskan
(Includes Bear Proof Ejector, Requires Refinish)
Modify Marlin 1895/1894 Levers to Big Loop Customs
(you must provide or purchase factory lever)
Marlin Take Down Conversion (Requires Refinish) $600.00
Lever Action Tune $200.00


Fit Barrel Band Front Sight $150.00
Remount Factory Sights $85.00
Cut Sight Dovetails (each) $75.00
Drill and Tap for Sights (per hole) $40.00
Weld/solder on Sights (each) $100.00
Remove Sights and Install Plug Screws in Existing Holes $50.00
Mount Scope and Boresite for Leupold or Weaver style $50.00
Mount Scope and Boresite for Custom Fixed Systems $75.00
Mount Scope and Boresite for Warne and Leupold QR systems $80.00
Mount Scope and Boresite for EAW systems $200.00
Install Iron Sights $75.00 and up


Install Recoil Pad
           Synthetic Stocks $120.00
           Standard Wood $100.00
           High Grade Wood $150.00
Install Sling Swivels $60.00
Install Stock Cross Pins (per pin) $50.00
Install Recoil Reducer in Butt Stock $75.00
Glass Bed Barrel and Action $275.00
Pillar Bed Barrel and Action $400.00
Fit Prefinished Synthetic Stock $150.00
Finish and Kote Custom Synthetic Stocks $150.00
WWG Custom Kevlar Stocks, Finished, Std. Bedded and Installed
             Bolt Rifles $650.00
             Marlin 1895 series $650.00
Refinish Wood Stock $200.00 and up
Recut Checkering POR
Remove Dents in Wood Stock POR
Custom Checkering POR
Custom Wood Stocks POR


NITRIDE $450.00
Black Teflon $375.00
High Luster Polish Blue $350.00 and up
Matte Blue $250.00
Factory Type Polish Blue with Matte Receiver $300.00
Parkerize $250.00
Cerakote $200.00 and up
Bead Blast Stainless Steel $100.00
Case Color POR
Engraving Packages POR

We also do custom work on Pistols, Revolvers and Shotguns… Contact Us!