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copilot custom gun

WWG Co-Pilot

A fast handling, heavy hitting 37 inch lever action rifle weighing 6 ½ lbs with a six round magazine and minute-of-angle accuracy. The rifle fires a 350 grain .458 caliber bullet at 2,250 feet per second. The rifle is also able to fire all lever action .45/70 loads and single feed a .410 shot shell giving it a wide range of cartridge power level capability making it extremely versatile.

Now imagine this rifle in a 18 ½ take-down configuration for easy transportation. There’s only one rifle in the world with all these features – Wild West Guns’ CoPilot.

From $3,199 Includes FET.

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wolverine pistol

Wolverine Pistol

When giant bears start thinking maybe you’re their next meal and a revolver is all that stands between you and dinner – power and size count. Developed out of necessity, the WWG Wolverine conversion is a lot of power in a perfectly sized package. This revolver fires the bone crushing .454 casull cartridge for maximum penetration and stopping power.

From $1,995*

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ak guide custom gun

AK Guide

We custom build our WWG Alaskan Guide rifle from stainless steel. It features a 6 rd magazine tube. The action is modified to allow use of the hot new .457 wwg ammunition while still allowing use of standard 45-70 loads and can fire a .410 shot shell.

From $2,279*

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In 1998, we formally introduced our Summit Rifles, designed to be not only lightweight, but accurate and functional. The basic features of the Summit Rifles were developed from our own experiences in hunting sheep and goats in some of the roughest terrain on Earth and with the input from dedicated mountain hunters all over the world.

Now, with another 3 years of refining and testing, more hunts, and new CNC machine tools, we’ve introduced the next generation of ultimate light rifles.


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AR-15 Rifle

The AR-15 rifle has proudly served as one of America’s favorite rifles for almost 50 years even though not much has changed in its basic design. However, experience has shown, a few updates and modifications can prove to be very beneficial.

WWG has taken the guess work out of customizing your AR-15. With over 30 years of hunting and competitive shooting experience with the AR-15, we have developed a customization package that optimizes the total performance of any AR-15. Our upgrades are specifically designed to produce what we truly believe to be the best all around, top of the line, one-rifle-for-all-situations package!

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